3 reasons why you should move to Amsterdam South East


Living in Amsterdam South East is increasing in popularity. Here at OurDomain we already know that South East is the place to be. That’s why in this blog, we share three reasons why you should move to Amsterdam South East. Read on to find out exactly what makes this place so special!

There’s always something to do

One thing’s for sure: you’ll never be bored in South East. Young professionals, students and other city lovers will feel right at home. There are plenty of restaurants, pubs and other cafes to relax and have a drink with friends after a long day of work or school.

South East is full of hidden gems. Do you like street art? Take a stroll through the neighborhood ‘H-buurt’! You’ll be amazed by the wonderful street art. Art lovers will also be thrilled by the art at CBK Zuidoost. The art gallery also offers lessons and workshops!

Food lovers can indulge in delicious international cuisine at World of Food. Here you will get the ultimate street food experience. Try the most delicious dishes from all around the world.

At OurDomain Amsterdam South East you will benefit from various facilities, such as a lounge, cinema room, game room, music room, work and study areas and a gym. In addition, all facilities of Amsterdam South East are well within reach.

‘The new Amsterdam’

South East is the home of creatives and entrepreneurs, like artists, rappers, DJs and fashion designers. There are also many social and entrepreneurial initiatives, like a local brewery and an ethnic food court.

Sport fanatics will love ‘het Spoorpark’. This park will be located soon between OurDomain and Holendrecht station and offers a variety of fitness equipment. It’s the perfect place for a nice outdoor sports session.

There are also many beautiful parks nearby where you can relax with friends, study buddies or colleagues, like ‘het Nelson Mandelapark’, ‘de Bijlmerweide’ and ‘het Gaasperpark’. These are wonderful places to read a book or go picnicking. We will also build a city park in the heart of OurDomain Amsterdam South East.


Are you planning to move to Amsterdam South East? Then you benefit from the best accessibility you could wish for. It only takes 20 minutes by metro or train to get to the city centre of Amsterdam. You can also easily travel outside the city from Holendrecht station. This station has direct connections to Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA, Amsterdam Amstel, Duivendrecht station, Amsterdam Centraal and Utrecht Centraal.

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