Get your groceries at Jumbo City Amsterdam Markelerbergpad!


No need to travel far for groceries anymore! Starting today, Jumbo City Amsterdam Markelerbergpad is open for OurDomain residents, our community and of course, everyone else in the neighbourhood. Here, you can shop fresh products and daily groceries at just a few meters from your doorstep. Easy, tasty and healthy.

At Jumbo City, anyone can do their daily grocery shopping or find a quick meal to go. The supermarket also offers multiple vegetarian and vegan options. In short, healthy, responsible options at low prices.

Convenience is key

At Jumbo City Amsterdam Markelerbergpad you can find a combination of the regular Jumbo supermarkets, Foodmarket, Hema t and restaurant chain La Place. In over 450 meters supermarket, choose from more than 9.000 products, such as freshly made dishes like pizza’s, salads or vegetarian meals.

Want to grab a quick bite for at home or on the go? Check out the breakfast, lunch or snack products from the bakery or the assortment of freshly made La Place sandwiches, freshly cut fruits, juices or smoothies. In a real rush? Skip the line! You can find a short route through the supermarket to not waste any more time. Perfect for catching trains and the like.

Proud of our new collaboration

At OurDomain, we are incredibly proud of our new collaboration. Together with Jumbo City, we can offer a new level of service to our inhabitants and community. To make their lives even more fun than before!

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