Green living in Amsterdam South East


Amsterdam South East is known for its perfect balance between urban living and green sceneries. Here, you can enjoy the upsides of the city, while being surrounded by beautiful parks. Green living in Amsterdam South East: that’s one of the focal points of OurDomain. And not without reason: a green environment has positive effects on both (mental) health, energy levels and much, much more. Find out more about the advantages of green living in this blog post.

The importance of green living

A better social environment

Did you know that green living can have a positive effect on your social life? In general, studies found that people who live in green neighborhoods have more social contacts than people living in other neighborhoods. And no wonder:  your nearby park is a great place to go picnicking with friends or to have a drink with colleagues or classmates, after all.

Boost your mental health

Working or studying can cause a lot of stress. Long days and deadlines take their toll on a daily basis. Fortunately, several studies show that a green environment can help relieve stress and anxiety. Even if it’s just green views from your apartment; that little bit of nature can induce your stress levels significantly.

Nature makes people more active

Everybody knows that exercise is important. Still, our busy lives tend to get in the way. Research shows that a green environment can help motivating people to be more active. People who live in a green neighborhood are more likely to exercise more often. What better way than to end your day than with a run through the park or a tough bootcamp session?  

Green living in Amsterdam South East

Want to live in an area that’s surrounded by nature? Green living in Amsterdam South East comes easy with plenty of beautiful parks nearby, such as ‘het Nelson Mandelapark’ or ‘Het Gaasperpark’. There’s also a new city park being built between OurDomain and Holendrecht station. This is the perfect place to hang out with friends after a long day of work or school.

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