Our New Smart Mobility: Hely Hub


From December 2020, our smart mobility HUUB-spot was transformed into a Hely Hub. A new name, a new app, but the same modern and sustainable vehicles you’re used to: electric cars and bikes.

Although you’ll find using the vehicles via Hely is very easy, we would like to inform you about the differences between using HUUB and Hely.

License plates instead of QR codes

With Hely, you don’t need to scan a car’s QR code to start your ride. You can simply select or reserve a vehicle in the Hely app, and the car with that specific license plate will open for you. The (electric) bicycles can still be opened the same way: by using a QR code.

Check the driving range of your e-car

In the Hely app, you can now easily see if the e-car is fully charged and what its driving range is before starting your ride.

Start your car ride quicker

With Hely, you don’t need a pin code anymore to take the car keys out of the board computer. Just take out the keys when you leave and put them back in when you return, that’s it!

The prices

Hely has different packages and usage prices than HUUB. For example, at HUUB you’d pay €2 per reservation, and at Hely, it’s completely free. Find out more about Hely’s packages and prices at www.hely.com/tarieven.

More to see and find in the app: the Hely app has many extra functions and content to make sure you’ll have everything you need in one place. For example, the Hely app has:

- An account page: where you can view, change, cancel or start all your upcoming reservations. Here you’ll also find a real-time overview of your costs and monthly invoices.

- A chat function: Start a chat with our Customer Support team or search for useful help articles and instruction videos.

- A promo link: Which lets you invite your friends or neighbours for Hely to both receive €10 driving credit. Go to settings in the app and click on ‘Earn free rides’ to create and send your personal invite.

Hely will be available for residents of OurDomain Amsterdam South East from spring 2021.

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