What is it like to visit OurDomain Amsterdam South East


The leasing of the rental apartments in the North and West House of OurDomain Amsterdam South East will start soon and many potential residents have been visiting the location, both through our Virtual Tours and by booking a tour with the dedicated on-site team.

Curious to hear about how visits are like?

A blog post has been recently published on Amsterdam Studentenstad, describing the experience of the tour of a potential tenant. We have selected an extract, thoroughly translated from the original article, that could give you an idea about the first impression on the building and facilities:

“When you enter, you immediately imagine yourself in a safe, relaxed environment. With a Service Desk on the left (with 24/7 security) and a stylishly furnished lobby on the right with an eye for detail, you will feel as if you are entering an atmospheric hotel. As you walk through, you pass the so-called lounge areas, where you can chill out, work or socialise. If you want to work in silence, this is also possible in the designated work and study areas. When you walk on, you come across the first facility that makes my heart beat faster; yes, a Music Room. A spacious room with everything you need to express your musical creativity. Including a piano, guitar, turntable and a drum kit, there is something for everyone who wants to stimulate their musical brain.

But there is more. If you want to relax after a hard day's work or study while enjoying a film, go to the cinema room, for example with your neighbour you've just met, and choose which film you want to watch. A cinema at home, how luxurious is that?”

You can read the full blog post, entitled “OurDomain Amsterdam South East: a dream to live!” from this link. If you are not a local, make sure to get your translation tool ready, since the article is only available in Dutch. Enjoy the read!

Remember that you can always book an appointment and live this experience in first person. We look forward to seeing you at OurDomain Amsterdam South East!

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