This is why Amsterdam South East is the place to be for couples and young families


Living in Amsterdam South East is becoming increasingly popular. The main reason? This district of Amsterdam offers the perfect combination of greenery, space, many initiatives and the cozy bustle of the city. In this article, you’ll find out why Amsterdam South East is the place to be for (young) professionals, couples and young families.

Here are 10 reasons why you want to live in Amsterdam South East

Amsterdam South East has many nice places and is known for various hotspots that only few people know about. Here are ten reasons why you want to live in Amsterdam South East:

  1. Hikes and walks, playgrounds and sports facilities 
  2. Ziggo Dome 
  3. World of Food & Oma Ietje
  4. Amsterdamse Poort 
  5. Bijlmer Parktheater
  6. Johan Cruijff Arena 
  7. Pathé Arena 
  8. Museums & art 
  9. Convenience & comfort 
  10. All facilities within reach

Want to read more about why Amsterdam South East is the place to be? In our previous article we give you three reasons why it’s the place to be for young professionals / couples and families.

Reason 1: Enjoy beautiful hikes and walks, playgrounds and sports facilities

When the Spoorpark was founded, the goal was to offer plenty to do for young and old. Today people go to the park to break from the daily bustle after a long week of work and maybe kids. Go for a morning walk in the beautiful nature around you or practice activities such as running, cycling or inline skating. 

Just picture this: the sun is shining, and you and your friends decide you want to eat outside… Just fire up the barbecue in the designated places and enjoy your own food together!

The kids have also been taken into account. There are several playgrounds in South East which your children will enjoy, such as the Cruyff courts and a new basketball court next to the OurDomain complex.

With petting zoo ‘t Brinkie kids will get familiar with animals and nature. They also have nice playgrounds with a giant sandbox, various play attributes and lots of picnic places. 

Also, a contribution is made to the green environment. For example, nature is involved by creating butterfly and insect hives. Want to go for a run, skate, play with your children or just go for a walk and enjoy nature? Definitely pay a visit to the Spoorpark in South East!

Reason 2: The Ziggo Dome

Ask people why they visit Amsterdam South East, and you’ll often hear the Ziggo Dome pass by. No surprise since this is the number 1 concert hall in the Netherlands. With performances by world stars such as Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, Muse and U2 you’ll experience the best concerts and unforgettable nights only 10 min bike ride away from OurDomain Amsterdam South East!

The Ziggo Dome is not just for concerts. With its fourteen "food outlets", you can enjoy delicious dishes. Freshly prepared every day, using only pure natural ingredients.

Curious which performances take place this month, or what other activities there are to enjoy? Take a look at their website and start creating your most outstanding memories at the Ziggo Dome.

Reason 3: World of Food & Oma Ietje

Amsterdam South East is known for its mix of cultures and, because of that, delicious dishes from all over the world. With the ‘Foodhallen’ of the World of Food you can try the tastiest street foods all in one building.

At the World of Food, people with a passion for food are ready to prepare their dishes in front of you. From Thali Indian Food and Ghanaian cuisine to Surinamese BBQ and Mexican food. Discover the entire World of Food kitchen on the website.

Discover various dishes at the nicest food halls in Amsterdam, less than a 15-minute bike or car ride from OurDomain Amsterdam South East. With low parking costs and low prices this has to be one of the most exciting value-for-money trips in South East. 

Nice weather today? Go out for drinks and snacks! At Oma Ietje you enjoy comfort food and delicious drinks at one of the best sun terraces of Amsterdam. Discover creative dishes inspired by comfort food from over the world, but always with a twist of their own. 

You immediately feel at home with food on the stove while enjoying each other’s company. View their openings hours and route plan on their website. When will you guys pay a visit? 

Reason 4: The Amsterdamse Poort

In the Amsterdamse Poort, you’ll find yourselves in ‘the beating heart of De Bijlmer’. Feel like shopping, eating or discovering the different cultures? The Amsterdamse Poort has it all.

In its large shopping center, you’ll find many clothing stores, including large retailers such as H&M and the smaller designer stores for exclusive clothing. Discover all (clothing) stores here.Getting hungry because of your shopping spree? No problem! In the Amsterdamse Poort, you can choose various foods and enjoy any dish: from regular fries to Turkish lentil soup or tasty Antillean-Chinese dishes.

The ‘Poort’ is transforming more and more from a shopping center to a city center. Pay a visit and see it for yourself. Discover the different cultures that add something in terms of DNA to the district, the neighborhood and the center.

Reason 5: Bijlmer Parktheater

Learn more about the multicultural Bijlmer through its unique Bijlmer Parktheater. With exceptional performances, in which intercultural programming, cultural education and talent development play a leading role.

Get to know the Bijlmer while enjoying an artistic buffet. The different dishes are prepared by people with a bi-cultural background. Delicious hummus, various sandwiches and other dishes from all over the world. Getting hungry yet?

Pay a visit to this great theater and learn more about Amsterdam South East. Discover here which performances are given.

Reason 6: The Johan Cruijff Arena

With living in South East comes the amazing Johan Cruijff ArenA. The Arena hosts the greatest football matches, truly spectacular concerts and the best events. The stadium is easily accessible by public transportation (14 min) or bike (10 min). Discover upcoming events here! Where do you like to go?

Reason 7: Pathé Arena

Want to enjoy the kids or just a romantic evening with the two of you? Choose a film from the extensive range of Cinema Pathé Arena. From movies in 2D and 3D to films in 4DX, you or the kids have plenty of options! Which movie are you going to?

Reason 8: Museums & art

Whether you like art or discovering new things, Amsterdam South East has plenty of museums where you can make a voyage of discovery or enjoy various works of art. 

First of all, we would like to introduce you to OSCAM: the Open Space Contemporary Art Museum. OSCAM aims to stimulate and increase the interest in the arts particularly for the residents of Amsterdam, especially the Bijlmer.

OSCAM x Top Notch x Magamba Network present: BOUT IT #2 (Via OSCAM)

By involving known and unknown creative talents in their exhibitions and programs, OSCAM inspires the youth and fulfils the need of a connection platform with other social art institutes in Amsterdam. They claim: “As a museological location we do not only show art, we educate.”. Discover info and background stories of their current exhibition.

Curious about your own body? Pay an "extraordinary visit" to Museum Vrolik together with your partner. The renovated Vrolik can most definitely be called one of the most "unusual museums" in Amsterdam! Get to know the human body from head to toe, through an exceptional exhibition. Skeletons, skulls and various anatomical models are on the menu, so buckle up!

More information about Museum Vrolik can be found on the website.

Do you guys prefer art? Then ArtFusion Gallery in Villa Arena really is a must-see. This is not a traditional gallery, but a place where special encounters occur. An inspiring amount and diversity of modern art from more than sixty artists awaits. Check out the artists on the website.

Reason 9: Convenience & comfort with OurDomain

Living in Amsterdam South East has never been so convenient and fun, thanks to the fully equipped rental apartments and buildings of OurDomain. With our many, excellent facilities, you can fully rely on convenience and comfort. For example, with good insulation, so that you simply won’t hear your neighbors (quite unique in Amsterdam). Or what about our super-fast internet connection, so you can work from home easily even with two people in online meetings and two kids in home schooling.

You can choose from three different locations. Do you opt for the comfortable and vibrant East House? Or are you looking for peace and space in the North and West House? Compare our apartments and choose your new home!

In addition, as a resident of OurDomain you can use our brand-new in-house facility TULU. You can rent household and lifestyle items through TULU. Sustainable and cost-effective, so that you have more money left to discover all the cool places in South East and live your best life!

Want to know more about our in-house rental facility? Read all about TULU and the extensive possibilities here.

Reason 10: All facilities within reach

With OurDomain you can rely on our many facilities. Had a long day of working at home, for example? Use our sports facilities! Within a minute you’ll be downstairs in our very own gym, without having to leave the complex. Or go for a walk with your partner in the beautiful, green park, located between the buildings on our complex.

Feeling hungry but is your fridge empty? Fortunately, as residents of OurDomain, you don't have to go far anymore. In our complex, you’ll find the Jumbo City Amsterdam Markelerbergpad. Fresh groceries within hand reach!

Living at OurDomain

Are you, together with a colleague, friend, partner or maybe your children excited to come live at OurDomain Amsterdam South East? Or are you eager to explore the many nice places and facilities of OurDomain? Then we would like to invite you to visit us! Check out our unique, apartments and find your ideal home. Also, sign up for our virtual tour or physical tour, of course by taking the covid-19 regulations into account, and get to see your future home for yourselves!

Curious about the possibilities or do you have other questions? Contact us or fill in the registration form on the website and we will get it touch with you directly.

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