Smart Mobility

Our minds are green at OurDomain; we all contribute to a sustainable, flexible and affordable way of living!

Why would you need to own an expensive car when living at an urban location with excellent public transportation access?
But, there are some moments that a car is just convenient; for example, to pick up goods, to get to your business appointments or to explore the countryside for a weekend break.

Our mobility partner Hely offers an electric car fleet that is exclusively available for OurDomain residents. All cars are powered by 100% green energy (solar & wind) and are conveniently bookable via an app at very affordable rates. For shorter distances, Hely offers fast electric bicycles and convenient city bikes too.

How it works

First download the Hely app and sign up. The Hely app is available for iOS and Android.


Select your OurDomain e-car in the Hely app, start your ride or reserve it in advance. For the electric and city bikes, you can easily scan any available bike with the app to start your ride.


After starting your ride in the app, the car opens automatically. For the bikes you can press the ‘Open’ button in the app and voilá: you’re ready to go.


Bring the vehicle back at Hely Hub OurDomain. End your car ride in the app, the car will lock automatically. For the (e)bikes, lock it with the app before ending your ride. The costs of your ride will be invoiced every month.

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