Detail of bycicle handbar holding two paper bags with plants inside

Our Minds are green

At OurDomain, we try to contribute to a greener tomorrow by promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle.

OurDomain has implemented a series of green initiatives for sustainable living. Some green examples: all on-site electricity is generated via 100% sustainable resources and 840 solar panels have been placed to power our communal spaces. Additionally, there is zero fossil-powered equipment at OurDomain, all lighting is LED and over 99% of the waste collected at OurDomain is re-used by our partners.

Electric cars, powered by 100% green energy and electric bikes are also available for OurDomain residents. To find out more on how we are contributing to a smart and sustainable mobility, follow these links and meet Hely!

Smart Mobility at OurDomain Amsterdam Diemen
Smart Mobility at OurDomain Amsterdam South East

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