October 10, 2023

In a world increasingly aware of environmental responsibility, embracing a sustainable lifestyle has become a shared goal. At OurDomain, we're committed to weaving eco-consciousness into everyday living. From subtle yet impactful green features in our buildings to fostering community-driven initiatives, we invite you to explore OurDomain's modest steps towards sustainability. In this blog you will journey through our green infrastructure, community engagement, natural surroundings and environmental values.

OurDomain Residents at Plastic Fishing Event

Simple Steps towards a Greener Home

At OurDomain, we want to contribute to a greener tomorrow by promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle. We’re doing our best to create a sustainable living experience for our residents. Our on-site electricity across all locations is generated 100% from sustainable resources, and we've eliminated fossil-powered equipment through the use of energy-efficient LED lighting. More than ever before we want to promote an eco-lifestyle, and to support this, we also offer electric cars and bikes for OurDomain residents on top of close access to public transport.

Why buy something that you will only use occasionally? In line with the sharing economy, OurDomain has partnered with TULU to offer a variety of appliances and gadgets for rent. From vacuum cleaners to karaoke sets, table games and consoles, our residents can easily rent these items for a short period of time, paying only when they need them. This not only reduces waste but also promotes a culture of sharing. We haven’t stopped there! The MyPup parcel lockers at OurDomain, which allow you to pick up deliveries 24/7 with a personal code, are another green feature that collect shipments from many different couriers and deliver them all at once by electric transport – instead of having all of these separate couriers coming to the same place.

Uniting the Community through Green Initiatives

Over the past year, OurDomain has actively engaged in sustainability-themed community events that have fostered a spirit of environmentalism and brought residents closer together. These initiatives include:

  • Beehives for Bee Conservation: We proudly installed beehives on our property, contributing to the important task of bee conservation. The hives were provided by Alveole in collaboration with OurDomain, organizing informative workshops to raise awareness about the vital role of bees in our ecosystem. Residents were also treated to a unique "Meet Your Bees" event, providing them with an opportunity to learn about and interact with the bee colonies on the property, highlighting the importance of pollinators in our environment.

  • Trash-Picking for a Cleaner Environment: Residents have participated in trash-picking activities, volunteering their time to make our surroundings cleaner and more pleasant. In a special event last year, residents from across all OurDomain locations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam joined forces to go on a plastic fishing adventure around the city canals. Together, they collected plastic waste from the water using a recycled plastic boat.

  • Community Support and Sharing: OurDomain Amsterdam South East and OurDomain Amsterdam Diemen came together in a heartwarming gesture, donating to Voedselbank Amsterdam, supporting those in need and promoting a sense of community. Sustainability-minded residents at OurDomain Amsterdam South East also initiated a unique "free market" concept. Instead of the traditional flea market, they set up stands to pass on their unwanted items to fellow residents, reducing waste and encouraging a culture of sharing.

  • Promoting Reading and Sustainability: OurDomain Amsterdam South East and OurDomain Amsterdam Diemen established a book swap station in social spaces. Residents can bring and pick up new reads, fostering a sense of community through literature. Moreover, in an effort to reduce textile waste, OurDomain Rotterdam Blaak hosted a clothing swap event, allowing residents to exchange unwanted clothes, promoting sustainability, and supporting fashion recycling.

  • Festive Season with a Green Twist: During the Christmas season, OurDomain Rotterdam Blaak hosted a food collection drive, contributing to the local community through donations to the Voedselbank and fostering a sense of generosity and community spirit. OurDomain Amsterdam Diemen also organized a Christmas Tree collection, encouraging responsible disposal and recycling of Christmas trees. Our Amsterdam South East property has aso hosted a gift-wrapping station, aiming to reduce the purchase of excessive paper wrapping rolls. This initiative encouraged eco-conscious gift-giving and contributed to sustainability during the festive season.

Bee Hives at OurDomain Amsterdam South East

Reconnecting with Nature: OurDomain’s Surrounding Green Spaces

OurDomain's locations offer residents the opportunity to reconnect with nature and enjoy green spaces. The spacious Green City Park located in the OurDomain Amsterdam South East complex provides a pleasant walking route to and from Holendrecht Station, offering a perfect place to meet friends, relax, and enjoy a peaceful walk surrounded by beautiful greenery. Residents at our Rotterdam Blaak location have the opportunity to explore nearby parks like Zuiderpark and Euromast park, just a short bike ride away from the building. Additionally, local recommendations from the community allow residents to discover hidden natural gems nearby.

Whether it's reading a book, soaking up the sun, having a barbecue, or simply enjoying the outdoors after a long day, at OurDomain you're just steps away from green spaces where you can unwind.

Our Minds are Green: A Gentle Reminder

At OurDomain, we've embraced the motto, "Our Minds are Green," which reflects our commitment to a mindful and sustainable lifestyle. This simple phrase resonates with our community, connecting us through shared values and a dedication to making environmentally responsible choices together.

Sustainability isn't about grand gestures; it's about mindful choices that collectively create a better future. At OurDomain, we're taking steps towards a greener tomorrow. As we explore green elements and community initiatives, we invite you to join our journey towards sustainability. It's about embracing a thoughtful way of living that benefits us all. Let's tread gently on the planet, one small green choice at a time!

Are you currently a resident at OurDomain and interested in participating? Stay tuned for updates in our newsletter to learn more about upcoming events and activities at OurDomain!




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