February 20, 2024

Ever wanted to know what it’s really like living at OurDomain? What better way than hearing it directly from our residents! In this blog, we're excited to introduce you to some of the residents who embody the spirit of OurDomain. Through their unique stories, we'll delve into the professional lifestyles, community connections, and personal journeys that make living at OurDomain more than just your typical housing experience.

Residents at OurDomain Rotterdam Blaak


Adapting to the OurDomain Lifestyle

At OurDomain, we take pride in offering facilities and a community that is welcoming to people of all backgrounds and nationalities, whether students or young professionals. To gain insight into what this experience is truly like, we spoke to Savannah, one of our international residents living at OurDomain Rotterdam Blaak. Savannah is living at OurDomain with her partner, who is currently a PhD student.

Savannah notes that while searching for accommodation with her partner, it had been difficult to find something suitable for PhD students, but OurDomain had just the offering for them – as it does for anyone pursuing or engaged in an academic career. International residents like Savannah are frequent travelers, so security is a top priority. Savannah acknowledged knowing that no matter where they are, they had their cozy apartment waiting for them upon return to Rotterdam.

“We love to travel (a lot) – we’re in a new country every month, so we love to lock up and go and know that our apartment is safe in OurDomain” Savannah told us. Asking her what else she values about her experience, she said that “The staff are always putting in maximum effort to make everyone feel at home … I think they are the best part of living at OurDomain”

Savannah’s experience captures perfectly what it means to feel welcomed when transitioning to the Netherlands for study or work, either as a couple, with a friend or even just starting out on your own. We’re grateful to have residents like Savannah, along with our friendly and always helpful staff, who make OurDomain a place where everyone is welcome.

“Nothing beats our view from our apartment, reading on the roof in summer and an empty gym” - Savannah, resident at OurDomain Rotterdam Blaak

Community and Experiences Across Life Stages

No matter if you’re a first year student or already kicking off your professional career, entering OurDomain on your own or with a partner – you’ll always have private and shared spaces tailored to your needs and ready-made to help you thrive. To get a deeper understanding of what it’s like to experience OurDomain’s flexibility and convenience, we had a chat with a lovely couple and active members of the OurDomain Amsterdam South East community, Clara and Davide.

Originally, Clara and Davide lived at OurCampus in Amsterdam Diemen as students, but wanting to live together as a young professional couple, they transitioned to OurDomain Amsterdam South East.  They noted the importance of having a comfortable, private place to themselves – a space that truly feels like their own home, and not your standard student accommodation. Besides the space itself, the community events at OurDomain especially standout to them as a way to help them connect with their neighbors, as it can be tough for residents to organize get-togethers by themselves in the midst of their busy working or student lives.

Resident couple Clara and Davide in their private kitchen at OurDomain Amsterdam South East

In particular, Clara and Davide highlighted the convenience of amenities at OurDomain along with having a grocery store right around the corner to meet their everyday needs, just a short walk away.

“The fact of having Jumbo [grocery store] so close to our place has helped us numerous times! For example, when in the morning you realize that you ran out of milk, you can quickly run to the supermarket – also in your pjs!”

From events to beautiful, fully furnished (or unfurnished) apartments, on-site support and accessible amenities, OurDomain strives to set up its residents with everything they need to succeed, no matter at what life stage they are at. As we like to say, at OurDomain convenience isn't just a feature; it's a way of life. Thanks to our vibrant resident community and staff, we strive to not just provide a living environment that suits both the short- and long-term requirements of our residents, but go beyond that to offer an unparalleled experience in the most exciting years of their lives!


Building Your Future at OurDomain

Residents envision a future at OurDomain that aligns with their long-term goals. The support and amenities make OurDomain an attractive choice across various life stages, striking a balance between convenience and future plans. Our conversations with residents like Savannah, Davide and Clara offer just a sneak peek of how OurDomain prepares its residents for the long haul, making it a place where you’ll want to stay and create special memories with others.

“Living here at OurDomain has made us understand what kind of lifestyle we want to keep in the future, such as having a nice gym very close as well as the furniture style of the entire building! We liked it so much that we would like to furnish our own house in a similar way one day” - Clara and Davide, OurDomain Amsterdam South East

From the accessibility and convenience of having the train station and grocery store close by, to knowing that you and your belongings are always safe, our residents will always have a comforting home and a warm community to embrace them, no matter what. Through the voices of our residents, living at OurDomain is more than housing—it's a lifestyle. Whether you're a professional couple, an expat, or planning for your future, OurDomain adapts with you. Join us in discovering what it truly means to live at OurDomain and explore a world of exciting possibilities.


Are you looking for a home that meets your academic or professionalneeds? Looking to join a vibrant resident community that never fails to have fun? Explore our offering today!




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