What are the contract types?

Student & Young Professional Contract: minimum 1 year, maximum 5 years with one-month notice. You are younger than 28 years upon the start of the lease.

Professional Contract: fixed term of 12 months up to maximal 24 months. You are at a minimum of 28 years and there is no maximum age restriction.

Short Stay Contract: minimum of 3 months up to a maximum of 12 months. All-in rates.

PhD-contract: this is a contract for the duration of your doctorate. You may give notice at any time, with a minimum notice period of 1 month.  There is no age restriction for this contract type.

What are the criteria for the Student Young Professional Contract?

Student & Young Professional contract: minimum 1 year, maximum 5 years with one-month notice.


  • You are a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 27 years of age when you start leasing 
  • You are a student or (self)employed
  • If you are a professional, we require proof of minimal income 

You may find more information about criteria here.

What are the criteria for the Professional Contract?

Professional contract: minimum 1 year, maximum 2 years with one-month notice.


  • You are at a minimum of 28 years, there is no maximum age restriction for this contract type
  • You are a student or (self)employed
  • If you are a professional, we require proof of minimal income 

What are the criteria for the Short Stay Contract? 

To sign the lease agreement for the short term contract you will need the following documents:

  • Valid passport copy   
  • Photo for ID card  
  • Proof of enrollment from your educational institution.

OR you are (self) employed.

Can I extend my contract?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to extend your contract if you have been with us for the entire lease term of your contract. It is also not possible to move from a short stay unit over to a long stay apartment.

How can I book my apartment?

Follow these easy steps to book your apartment: 

  • Click the BOOK NOW button
  • Click on the apartment type you are interested in
  • Select the apartment number you prefer. 
  • Choose a preferred move in date. 
  • Fill in all fields marked with a star

Please note that you need to tick, even if you do not have a middle name and choose “title”. 

Here you also need to upload all documents required. You can upload more than one document if necessary. A picture for the OurDomain ID card is mandatory, this is a selfie that we will apply to your resident ID card.

Pay the €100 application fee to submit your application.

Please note that the apartment is only reserved for you and taken offline as soon as the €100 is paid. 

Please only pay €100 one time and wait for the confirmation of the payment, do not click away from the pop-up payment screen. 

Wait for your documents to be reviewed by the leasing team. 

We will review them as soon as possible and get back to you. This might take up until 3-5 working days. 

You will then receive further instructions on how to pay the deposit. 

Pay the deposit. 

Please note the deposit needs to be paid within 72 hours after your application is approved. 

Sign the contract digitally in your account – we will countersign and then your lease is complete. 

Time to celebrate: you just got a new apartment at OurDomain Rotterdam Blaak!    

We will keep in touch and inform you at a later moment about the move-in process.

How can I apply for an apartment?

Apartments are leased on a first-come, first-served basis. Your apartment is only secured after you have settled the application fee. Once you have selected an apartment, you need to complete the application form and upload documents within 72 hours.

Reserving an apartment (and paying the application fee) does NOT automatically mean your application is accepted. Once you have finalised the application form and uploaded the required documents, the application will be processed. OurDomain is entitled to reject any application. The application fee will only be refunded if the application is rejected based on grounds other than those stated in the qualification criteria.

Once your application has been processed, a contract will be issued. After you have signed the contract and paid the deposit, OurDomain will countersign the contract. Your rental contract is only definite once countersigned by OurDomain. Please note that you need to sign the contract and pay the deposit within 72 hours.

I've signed everything. What happens next?

When you have signed your contract, you are ready to move in. Around a week before you move, you will receive all the information about your move-in process.

What is the application fee?

The application fee is €100. OurDomain reserves the right to reject an application. As soon as the €100 is paid, the apartment goes offline and is put on hold for you to complete the registration. The application fee is non-refundable, but is deducted from the first month's rent.

Do I need to register with the municipality?

Yes, it is mandatory for all our residents (except short stay contracts) to register at the municipality. 

Will my rent increase every year?

Yes, you will receive a letter in April confirming the annual increase as per the following July.

How do I end my rental agreement? 

Short Stay contracts are fixed-term contracts up to 12 months. There is no need to give notice; the contract will end on the agreed end date.

All other contract types require a minimum stay of 12 months. After these 12 months, you may give notice at minimum one calendar month in advance by sending an email to the Service Desk. Please note that your termination is only definite once you have received an email confirmation from OurDomain. Please check the General Terms & Conditions.

Where can I find more information about the Terms & Conditions?

Please contact the leasing team if you are interested in reading the Terms and Conditions. We do send you the Terms and Conditions before you need to sign the contract - so you have time to read through.

What is your cancellation policy?

Short Stay contracts are fixed-term contracts; it is not possible to terminate this contract before the agreed fixed end date. All other contract types require a minimum length of 12 months. After, a 1-calendar month notice period is applicable.

What is the deposit?

The deposit is 2 times the base rent.

How much housing allowance can I get? 

You may be eligible for housing allowance, depending on your age, income and rent.  More actual information can be found at the website of the Dutch tax authority: here 

Total service costs to be used (as described in the Dutch form) are: € 36

  • Schoonmaakkosten voor gemeenschappelijke ruimten: € 12
  • Energiekosten voor gemeenschappelijke ruimten: € 4
  • Huismeester kosten: € 12
  • Kosten voor dienst- en recreatieruimte: € 8

The apartment I prefer is not available, can you keep me updated on availability?

OurDomain apartments are leased on a first-come, first-served basis. If you register, we’ll keep you updated on OurDomain news and newly available apartments via the newsletter. Please note that new apartments can become available every day on a first-come, first-serve basis, so please visit our website frequently. You can also sign up for the “Notify me” under the apartment type of your preference.

Who can live at OurDomain Rotterdam Blaak? 

We have apartments for students , young professionals and people looking for short term accommodation.

What will you accept as proof of enrollment?

We accept a print screen of your study link or an enrollment letter from your university. If you are unsure if what you have is sufficient, please reach out to us.

I haven't received my proof of enrollment yet, what should I do?

We need to see your proof of enrollment before we can accept your application. Therefore, you are advised to only start your application after you have all documents required.

I’m not a student, can I live here?

Yes, you are welcome to rent an apartment as a professional too!

How do we prevent housing discrimination?

When allocating our homes, we use robust and tested processes that are aimed at preventing housing discrimination. We make every effort to ensure that no unjustified distinction is made between prospective tenants when renting out our properties. One of the ways we do this is by training our employees about what is and isn't the selective criteria, for example we have some homes which are allocated as student accommodation only. More detail can be found in the section: ‘Objective selection criteria’.

When we work with third parties to offer housing, we also ensure that they also have robust processes in place that are aimed at preventing housing discrimination. Furthermore, we regularly assess whether our policies have the desired outcome in practice and whether our processes can or should be further adapted and tightened.

If you would like to raise with us any feedback or concerns in regards to our policies and processes we would love to hear from you. Please contact us via e-mail:

Below we explain in more detail the processes we have in place.

First come first served

In principle, we work on a first come first served basis when offering our homes. We use a digital and automated system to do this. The prospective tenant who was the first to register for the property (completing all relevant forms and confirmed via email) will be accepted in the first instance.* The prospective tenant’s application is then checked it meets the objective selection criteria that applies to the property applied for.

If the prospect meets the objective selection criteria, a rental agreement will be concluded with them in principle. However, this is dependent on previous experience with the prospective tenant. We reserve the right not to enter into a rental agreement if we find there have been previous negative experiences in relation to the prospect.

If no rental agreement is concluded with the first accepted prospect, we will inform the person/persons by e-mail and outline the reasons for this decision. The property is then advertised again and the above outlined process begins again.  

*Note: the accepted prospect is provisionally accepted pending final checks and supply of all information requested.

Exceptions to the above process:

In the past, one development in Diemen, had a waiting list. Prospects could be placed on the waiting list via an application form. If a property became available, the prospect highest on the list was approached first (e.g. prospect numbered 1). We are no longer accepting new prospects on to this waiting list.

Due to the contractual obligations of this waiting list, whilst there are still ‘active’ prospects on the waiting list (i.e. prospects are still interested in renting a property at this location), housing will be allocated to the suitable prospective tenant with the highest rank. Once there are no longer any ‘active’ prospects on this list, this waiting list will no longer be in operation and we will revert to the first come first served principle at the Diemen location.

Objective selection criteria

When assessing whether a prospect is suitable, we use objective selection criteria. When a property is advertised, we state which criteria applies to that property so that all prospects can make an informed decision as to whether they are a suitable tenant for this type of property.

The criteria may vary from property to property. An example would be student accommodation. If a property is intended for students, the conditions are that the prospect is enrolled at an educational institution and is actively studying. Some of our properties require a Housing Permit and this is stated. If a property requires a Housing Permit, a prospect must be eligible for the permit outlined.

Greystar will never request information about or select prospective tenants on the basis of ethnic or cultural background, religious identity, political preference, sexual orientation or physical/mental health.


Are the apartments all furnished or unfurnished?

All our studios and short-stay apartments are furnished. The 1-bedroom apartments are unfurnished but finished (including flooring, painted and equipped kitchen).

I would prefer to bring my own furniture instead of renting a furnished studio, is that possible?

All our studios are furnished with high-quality furniture for optimal use of your apartment. You are free to temporarily remove and store the furniture provided, however, you will need to return the complete pack upon move-out. Alternatively, you might want to consider renting an unfurnished 1-bedroom apartment.

Can I decorate my room?

Yes, you are welcome to decorate your home to make it into your own style. However, it is not allowed to make holes in the walls or paint the walls.

Am I allowed to install my own dishwasher and washing machine?

No, this is not allowed. The kitchens of the larger apartment are equipped with a dishwasher and a connection in the bathroom or storage to install a private washing machine. Alternatively, there is a high-quality launderette available for all residents.

Am I allowed to make any structural changes to my apartment?

No, this is not permitted in terms of construction. It is also not permitted to drill holes in the walls. All apartments feature picture rails or shelves, which you can use to personalise your apartment. Please note that it is strictly prohibited to hang anything from the sprinkler installation or to tamper with the sprinkler heads or smoke detectors.

Am I allowed to smoke in my apartment?

Smoking is prohibited in apartments and communal areas. 

Can couples live together in OurDomain Rotterdam Blaak? 

Yes, couples are welcome in the 1-bedroom apartments and the larger studios. Please contact us for more information.

Am I allowed to have guests stay overnight in my apartment?

Of course, it is allowed for guests to stay occasionally. Please note that you are fully responsible and liable for the behaviour of your guests.

Can I see the floor plan of the apartments?

Yes, you can find these via the apartments page. You can also reach out to the service team, we are here to assist you.

Are kitchen essentials and bedding included?

No, items like bedding or kitchen supplies are not included in the furniture package. 

Can I sublet my apartment, for example via Airbnb or a similar platform?

No, this is strictly prohibited. Please note that this might lead to immediate termination of your contract and a large financial penalty as described in the General Terms & Conditions.

Are my possessions insured in my room? 

No, you are obligated to arrange your own home insurance. We recommend checking this with your local insurance company.

Questions and complaints?

Please contact the service desk and we will assist you.

What size is the bed? 

We have apartments with a different range of bed sizes. It varies between 120/140/160 cm width. Please read more on the apartment page or reach out to us for further assistance.

Can I rent a storage space?

We do not have storage spaces available at OurDomain Rotterdam Blaak. Please do reach out to the service team if you require any assistance in finding commercial (external) storage space.

If I have a problem outside office hours, who do I call?

Outside office hours, a professional security team is available for assistance.

Will I have internet in my studio/apartment?

Yes, you will have high speed wired and wireless internet in your own studio/apartment. 

What happens if my water tap is leaking or I need other maintenance help?

You can contact our maintenance team via the resident portal or the resident app. They will then come over to help you as soon as they have availability. 

Are the apartments also child-friendly? 

We do not offer any facilities for children.

If I lose my key, do I have to pay for a replacement? 

Yes, if you lose your key tag you should contact the service desk instantly. Our team will block your lost key and provide you with a new key at a charge.


Is there internet in the common areas?

Yes, you can use our high-speed Wi-Fi in the common areas.

Is there a secured parking space for my bicycle?

We have covered secured bike parking within the building. 

Can I park my car at OurDomain Rotterdam Blaak? 

Unfortunately, there is no car parking available in the building, but there is a lot of public parking available in the direct vicinity. Please reach out to the service team if you require more information.

I read that you organise activities on-site. Do I have to attend these?

Activities will be organised regularly in and around OurDomain and you are very welcome to attend these. Obviously, participation is not compulsory.

Can I also invite friends and family to make use of the common areas?

This is possible, but we ask you to inform the service desk if you are planning to invite more than 2 people. Please note that you are fully responsible and liable for the behaviour of your guests.

Are pets allowed at OurDomain Rotterdam Blaak? 

No, we do not allow any pets in the building, except guide dogs. 

Do you have a monthly events programme? 

Yes, we do have monthly events. Please take a look at the resident portal, the resident app or our social media to stay informed on what is coming. 

Is the gym free to use?

Yes, the gym is already included in the fixed service charges and is therefore available for all our residents.

Will I have my own mailbox?

Yes, all residents have a private mailbox. 


Can someone else guarantee my application if I do not meet the income criteria myself? 

For OurDomain Rotterdam Blaak we do accept guarantors, if you meet the following criteria’s;

  • Guarantor must be an EU citizen
  • Guarantor must be >21y
  • Tenant must meet at least 50% of income requirement themselves, guarantor could make up for the remaining 50%
  • Guarantor needs to earn 4 times the base rent

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, the deposit needs to be paid before you sign the contract.
The deposit is 2 times the base rent.

What do I need to pay before I arrive? 

During the application process, you are asked to pay the €100 application fee and the deposit for the apartment. The first-month rent needs to be settled before you are allowed to move in.

Can I pay in instalments? 

We do not accept payments in instalments. We suggest you start the application as soon as you have everything settled.

Am I entitled to housing benefits?

You may be eligible for a housing allowance. Depending on your age, income and rent. Please visit the website of the tax administration (Belastingdienst) for more information.

How much is the application fee?

The application fee is €100 and this is non-refundable. Please check the criteria before starting your application.

How do I organise my utilities?

Highspeed (wireless) internet (up to 900 Mb) is included in your recoverable service charge.

Water: water is provided by Evides, and you are self-responsible for entering an agreement with them. We will provide you with information upon your arrival. (* included in all-in short-stay contracts).

Electricity: advance payment is included in your service charge and will be settled each year or upon move-out, based on your actual use. All electricity at OurDomain is 100% wind and solar-powered. (* included in all-in short-stay contracts).

Heating is provided via a central city heating system operated by Eneco. Upon your move-in date, we will provide you with a contact information of Eneco. Eneco will invoice you a monthly advance payment, which they will settle annually or upon move-out, based on your actual consumption. (* included in all-in short-stay contracts).

What is included in the service costs?

The service costs include recoverable and non-recoverable service costs and services. The recoverable service costs are variable costs such as security, cleaning of communal areas, electricity, landscaping and utilities for public areas. You will pay a monthly advance payment which will be settled for the previous year before July each year. The services are a fixed amount for amenities and services such as a gym membership, use of lounges, a game room and rooftop terrace. You cannot choose to exclude any of the services that OurDomain offers.

When will I receive a statement of my service costs?

Each year around July, you will receive an overview of the settlement of the service charges from the previous year.

I don't use any OurDomain Rotterdam Blaak services. Can I avoid paying the service costs?

You cannot choose to exclude any of the services that OurDomain offers.


I am a local entrepreneur and I am keen to contribute to the success of OurDomain. Is that possible? 

Local entrepreneurs are certainly welcome to establish themselves at OurDomain Rotterdam Blaak. You can make known that you are interested and find out if we have commercial spaces available via or at Funda Business. If you have any suggestions for partnerships, please do reach out to the Property Operations Manager via





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