December 21, 2023

OurDomain is closing out 2023 on a positive note. This December, we’ve focused our community efforts on charity, mental well-being, sustainability, and creating the best social experience possible for our residents. As Christmas and the New Year are right around the corner, we want to take a moment to reflect on the aspects that make OurDomain a community for good. It's not just about where you live; it's about the life you lead. Read on to learn how OurDomain is bringing a positive impact in Amsterdam and Rotterdam in this year’s end.

Living with Purpose: Giving Back

December at OurDomain is more than a season of lights and tinsel; it's a time to embrace the spirit of giving. Residents both in Amsterdam and Rotterdam alike have been actively contributing to events this month that define the essence of Christmas through charitable activities for the broader community.

This December our residents have been crafting Christmas cards for lonely elderly individuals, spreading joy and warmth through heartfelt, personalized messages. In Rotterdam Blaak, a food collection for the voedselbank (food bank) embodied the season's spirit of generosity. These and other events are more than just festive gatherings; they are opportunities for residents to be the architects of positive change, embodying the essence of community generosity and making a difference in the lives of those around them.

Nurturing Mental Well-Being

In the midst of holiday hustle and bustle, OurDomain prioritizes mental well-being, recognizing its importance during this special season. Our residents were invited to participate in events that not only provide enjoyment but also contribute to a sense of safety and happiness.

At OurDomain Amsterdam South East, a Mental Health workshop has offered residents valuable insights and practical tips for maintaining their mental well-being. In Rotterdam Blaak and Amsterdam Diemen, those who stayed at OurDomain during Christmas time got to enjoy a special get-together and dinner, reinforcing our commitment to tackling loneliness through laughs, hugs and fun right here at our home. These among others were moments for residents to experience the warmth of community, finding solace and connection during the holiday season. We want to create an environment where mental well-being is nurtured, ensuring residents feel safe, happy, and supported.

DYI Christmas Decorations event

Fostering an Environmental Attitude

OurDomain has integrated eco-consciousness into everyday living, from green features in our buildings to community-driven initiatives. The motto "Our Minds are Green" embodies our dedication to a mindful and sustainable lifestyle. This simple phrase resonates with our resident community, uniting all of us through shared values and a commitment to making environmentally responsible choices together.

During events this December, sustainable practices were implemented, such as using eco-friendly decorations at our DIY Christmas Decorations event. The Gift Wrapping Station, a festive addition during the holidays, aligns with OurDomain's commitment to environmentally responsible living. These and other green-focused events showcase more than sustainability practices; they represent a collective effort towards a future of coming together to make a positive difference. Residents actively participate in making environmentally responsible choices, generating a shared commitment to the well-being of our planet and community.

Building Lasting Connections

In the heart of OurDomain's lively community, socializing takes center stage. This Christmas and New Year, OurDomain has been organizing festivities that bring residents closer together, creating a warm sense of belonging.

Residents at Amsterdam South East joined together with smiles to decorate the property, filling the surroundings with the magic of the season. At the Christmas market events in Amsterdam Diemen and Rotterdam Blaak, residents gathered to enjoy the festive atmosphere, indulging in holiday treats and seasonal delights. The Christmas gala at Amsterdam South East was truly a highlight, offering an exciting opportunity for residents to glam up, celebrate, and dance the night away.

Our community also got  together to participate in cheerful activities such as a Gingerbread Making Workshop, Glühwein Giveaway, and Oliebollen Handout. These events were more than just festivities; they presented opportunities for residents to connect, celebrate, and share the joy of the season together. 

OurDomain is ready to end 2023 in the best way possible: with a spirit of charity, mindfulness, sustainability, and community. Residents have been coming together this month to make a positive impact on their communities and environment while celebrating the excitement of the exciting winter festivities. As December comes to a close, we invite you to join us in celebrating a community for good, where the residents' commitment to each other and the world around them shines brighter than ever. It's not just a place to live; it's a lifestyle, and it's yours to embrace at OurDomain.

Christmas gala

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